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Salam Neighbor is an award-winning film and campaign. Immerse into the lives of Syrian refugees through the journey of Chris and Zach as the first filmmakers allowed to be registered and given a tent inside of a refugee camp.

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What People are Saying

This film is important … because it shatters the idea that there isn’t anything that one can do, that the problem is too big.

- Samantha Power, Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Understand the Syrian refugee crisis like never before in exclusive clip from heart-wrenching 'Salam Neighbor'.

- Indiewire

What I love about this film is the resilience it reveals. For all that our neighbors have suffered, they have not abandoned hope.

- Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan

These young people are not just gifted documentarians, they are micro-economists who offer a real world glimpse into third world poverty–and, perhaps more surprisingly, real world answers.

- Gary Ross, Director of The Hunger Games

Salam Neighbor is a beautifully crafted story that delivers a powerful message. It will leave you touched and inspired to take action. This film is a must-see.

- UN Refugee Agency

[Chris and Zach] don't just make documentaries. They make themselves part of the story.


Salam Neighbor allows all of us that glimpse into the lives of the people fleeing the violence in Syria and what’s at stake if we fail to respond.

- Chris Murphy, U.S. Senator

The film connected and moved students, not only to the point where they donated, but to where they were so engaged they couldn’t hold back their questions.

- Phoebe Mitchell, Junior at Middlebury College

On a subject too often discussed in terms of numbers, Zach and Chris capture the human element of one of the greatest refugee crises of this generation.

- Ted Lieu, U.S. Congressman

The film marks the first time the United Nations has allowed a group of filmmakers to be embedded in a refugee camp and officially registered with a tent.

- Wall Street Journal